1. 28 minutes ago 

    I’m sitting in a grad school class and the people and professor are really dull (stupid, but that’s a bit harsh).

    I guess undergrad is the most strenuous time of your life, and after that it’s bullshitting for the purpose of credentials and money (unless you’re doing something serious like computer science or medical school or something).

  2. Notes: 2450 / 6 hours ago  from thcandtunes (originally from enlargers)
    "I won’t trade humanity for patriotism."
    - Immortal Technique (via enlargers)
  3. Notes: 2 / 13 hours ago 

    Pretty much the hottest day in Berkeley

  4. Notes: 4 / 13 hours ago 

    I’m at my new place!

  5. Notes: 2 / 15 hours ago 

    Incredible hotness.

  6. Notes: 1 / 21 hours ago 

    Excited to move into a new house pretty soon!

  7. 22 hours ago 

    The amount of beautiful people in Berkeley is just insane.

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    It’s such a nice day I feel like I should be getting out of town or doing something fun with people.

  9. Notes: 75 / 1 day ago  from thcandtunes (originally from darthmoe)
    "Life without knowledge is death in disguise, that’s why knowledge of self is like life after death. Apply it to your life, let destiny manifest."
    - Talib Kweli (via darthmoe)
  10. 1 day ago 

    Watched Looper with roommates. Solid 7-8 out of 10. Nothing I hated about it, but not a masterpiece.

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    Hot Morgan?

    Hot Morgan?


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