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    Didn’t know you could do this

    Didn’t know you could do this

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    Close to 3 hours. Boyhood. Very good.

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    Kanye West - I Wonder

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    I has a fantastically gripping dream about an alien force that waged biological warfare by introducing a contagion on Earth. Additionally, they were using a mysterious force to cause massive earthquakes at a certain time interval, but I was the only one who knew the schedule and no one believed the earthquakes were anything but a coincidence. I had to make a getaway on foot with my sister (my parents perished) while desperately texting other people to convince them to leave their residences before the next earthquake hit. At the same time, we were on the run with no food supply and I knew the aliens were watching for unusual movement from above so I had to run through backalleys and climb walls to evade detection while helping my sister. This is far, far more fun than the movie I saw yesterday.

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Vegetarian pumpkin curry
Really nice recipes. Every hour.
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    I took notes during the movie

    I took notes during the movie

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    The apartment through fish eye lens

    The apartment through fish eye lens

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    It is a very warm night and Berkeley downtown at midnight is quite comforting.

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One thing at a time, duh.


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